The Pre-Teen Program is an acting program designed for students in Grade 6 to study Lee Strasberg’s Method Acting techniques and to apply this training to their work as a Young Actor. Students will sp end time with both monologues and plays in order to further develop their ability to analyze a script and create believable characters in their work. The curriculum’s design provides an intensive introduction to acting and is a full day program running on Saturdays from 10:30 AM to 4 PM with one 30 minute lunch break. An Open House is scheduled the last Saturday for parents and friends to see their child in action.

Class descriptions

In Method Acting, students will be working on relaxation into sensory work into building a character. Students will incorporate these techniques into scene work. 2 hours.
This class will provide valuable information on crafting a great audition. Students will discuss audition etiquette in order to make a great impression upon entering the audition studio as well as rehearse monologues that the student can use for an audition. 1 hour.
Students will incorporate their Method training while building a character, learning lines, and rehearsing a full play. Students will learn tools to apply their training to the rehearsal process. The play will be performed at the Open House on the last Saturday of classes for family and friends. 1 hour.
This class always begins with a warm up starting with Hip-Hop grooves and Top Rock. This will lead into isolations, stretching and strengthening exercises. The class will then focus on choreography that uses Hip-Hop techniques. Not only will the sequence be stressed but more so the quality of movement and the performance aspect that should be conveyed. We work on the whole package of what the choreography entails. At the end of class a cypher will commence where we share our individual art with each other. J9 hopes to instill integrity of movement in a supportive and open atmosphere.
Thoughts, ideas and experiences will all be incorporated from pen to paper, as we dive into a world of creative possibilities. We will garner great focus in learning the basics of storylines, beats, character development and what drives a successful scene. As work progresses, we can share our ideas aloud, garnering feedback with strong critical response for positive outcomes.

$1500 ($1350 plus $150 non-refundable registration fee)


$4200 ($4050 plus one $150 non-refundable registration fee)


PLEASE NOTE: Full tuition payment is required prior to starting classes.