New York Testimonials

SerenaMSerena Miniter

“The most important lesson that I have learned at Strasberg is how to relate the character I am playing to a real life experience, in other words, to make it more ‘real’. We do a lot of work on different scenes each term, along with improvisation. Also, as we get older, we learn more sensory/relaxation methods. For example, just recently we did an imaginary circumstance in which we had to imagine being ‘taken away’ from our families. In response, I began to cry because of the devastating thought. It made me realize that I could use the emotions from the exercise in my acting in the future. It was a great learning experience.”

CharlesMCharles Moxley

“You just saw the latest Harry Potter movie, right? After a couple of minutes of awe and wonder, you say, ‘How did they do that?’ or ‘I want to be like them when I grow up’. What you don’t think is, ‘What exercises did he do to achieve that?’ I love that at Lee Strasberg, they combine the exercises like relaxation, where you shake out you limbs to pin-point any pressure, with the sort of juicy exercises that get you mind flowing and spill your emotions into a scene. Through exercises like smelling fruit or feeling an object, we learn to ‘express, not show.’ Even the simplest thing, like letting out an ‘ahhhhhhh’ sound can enhance your vocal ability.”

LenardMLeonard Moxley

“What I like most about my acting class on Saturday is that the teachers brilliantly combine vocal and mental exercises with improvisational acting, in a fun and effective way. We always start the class with a vocal warm up, then relaxation, calming our bodies’ muscles to be able to freely express them, without having tensions that don’t help the scene. Then we have sense memory-practicing re-creating memories, to be able to access the real emotions and feelings in a scene. This is the key to acting-that acting should be like breathing, it should be pure and natural. Sense memory helps build this purity.”

SophieWSophie Walker

“The most important lesson I have learned at Strasberg is to always remain in the moment while acting, which pairs with the idea of always being authentic and honest. This lesson has been instilled in me since I started taking classes at Strasberg, and is something that I feel is crucial in all my acting and performances, and also something that I have tried to carry into my daily life… Though throughout the years I have had many different teachers, I learn for the most part, from familiar faces. Being able to work with the same teachers over and over again has given me good relationships with many of them, and a security and comfort in knowing that I can comfortably experiment and explore.”