Kids Saturday

Kids Saturday

The Young Actors at Strasberg Kids Program, for students in Grades 2 through 6, is an introduction to the creative art of acting. This program is for both the serious young actor and for those just beginning their training as the pedagogy is tailored to the individual. The schedule consists of Acting, Stage Combat, Musical Theatre and On Camera classes. The curriculum’s design provides an intensive introduction to acting and is a full day program running on Saturdays from 10:30 AM to 4 PM with one 30 minute lunch break. An Open House is scheduled the last Saturday for parents and friends to see their child in action.

Class descriptions

Acting ignites the imagination and empowers our Young Actors to express themselves truthfully through imaginary circumstances. Students are introduced to Acting through creative drama exercises, improvisation, and scene work. Students learn the beginning of Lee Strasberg’s Method Acting techniques including relaxation and basic sense memory exercises. 2 hour class.
The focus of this class shifts from semester to semester. In Singing, students receive technical training in breathing, diction, harmony, and rhythm while building confidence and vocal strength. Musical terminology including applicable Italian musical terms is taught. Musical Theatre I combines beginning choreography with group singing, while Musical Theatre II advances the choreography the students learn. 1 hour class.
Students learn the technical skills and gain the experience required to perform on screen. Students’ work is recorded, played back, and discussed, allowing them the opportunity to improve and grow their understanding of how to translate their Acting, Voice, and Movement skills to the demands of the camera. From semester to semester, the class’ subject matter shifts from Beginning Camera Technique in the Fall, to Commercials in the Winter, and to Audition in the Spring. 1 hour class.
Thoughts, ideas and experiences will all be incorporated from pen to paper, as we dive into a world of creative possibilities. We will garner great focus in learning the basics of storylines, beats, character development and what drives a successful scene. We will be using these scripts for our short films being shot in the Acting for Film & TV class.


September 14 - December 7th (Closed November 30th for Thanksgiving Break)


$1,500 ($1,350 plus $150 nonrefundable registration fee)

$4200 ($4050 plus one $150 non-refundable registration fee)

PLEASE NOTE: Full tuition payment is required prior to starting classes.