Kevin Corrigan Scholarship for Young Actors

Kevin Corrigan Scholarship for Young Actors

The Kevin Corrigan Scholarship is annually awarded to two passionate young actors interested in learning about acting, growing their imaginations and furthering their artistic pursuits at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. A winning candidate will be chosen in each age group: Kids (7-11) and Teens (12-17). Selection is based on a completed application that describes student achievements and interest in further study of acting.

Kevin Corrigan is a uniquely celebrated actor whose story begins in the Young Actors Program at The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. As he says, “Lee Strasberg’s Young Actor’s Program was like being inside a planetarium–walking through those technicolor red doors into another realm, the knowledge and inspiration I found there, weekly! I went there seeking treasure; I learned that the treasure was inside of me, that my inner life had value, that the real riches in life are inside of us.” Following Kevin Corrigan’s example, the scholarship seeks to inspire the next generation of talent.

The Kevin Corrigan scholarship is open to non-matriculated students in the tri-state area. To be considered, individuals must submit the completed Kevin Corrigan Scholarship Application for either the Kids or Teen programs, and include required supplemental materials. Scholarship recipients should expect to begin their studies at the start of the Fall semester, which commences in September. Completed applications, including all supplemental information, must be submitted by July 1st before the start of the Fall semester.

The recipient of the Kevin Corrigan Scholarship will attend the Young Actors program for a full academic year (Fall, Winter and Summer). At the end of each term, the faculty and staff will assess the student to ensure that he or she is in good standing and has been attending classes.

Please mail application and requirements to:  Young Actors at Strasberg Scholarship, 115 East 15th Street, New York, NY 10003.

Download the Kevin Corrigan Scholarship Application