Frequently Asked Questions - New York

Frequently Asked Questions – New York

What grade does my child have to be in to participate in Young Actors at Strasberg?

A: We accept students in Grades 2 through 12. We will only interview a student once he or she is 7 years old. Once a student turns 18 and has graduated from high school, he or she is eligible to
apply for our adult program.

Q: When are your classes held?

A: Our classes during the traditional school year are held in three semesters (Fall, Winter, and Spring) on Saturdays in 12-week sessions. For Kids (Grades 2 through 5) and Pre-Teens (Grade 6)
classes are from 10:30 AM to 4 PM. Teens (Grades 7 & 8) and Young Adult (Grades 9-12) classes are from 9 AM to 3:30 PM.

Q: Do you have classes after school or on Sundays?

A: During the Fall, Winter, and Spring semesters, our classes are held on Saturdays only. During the summer, we have programs during the weekday.

Q: What classes will my child be taking?

A: The Kids and Pre-Teens each have their own structure. The programs run from 10:30 AM to 4 PM, and students all stay for the full day. From 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM, they take an acting class.
They then have supervised lunch from 12:30 PM to 1 PM, and then take their three afternoon sessions. Kids take On Camera, Musical Theatre and Stage Combat. Pre-Teens take Audition,
Classics and Performance classes.

In the Teens and Young Adult programs, students take Method Acting for 3 hours either in the morning or the afternoon, and they also take an elective. Every semester, Acting for Film & TV,
Musical Theatre, and Performance are offered. The sessions are offered 9 AM to 12 PM and 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM. Students are also given the option of taking Method Acting only, either in the AM
or PM session.

Q: Where do the students eat?

A: Yes, the Kids & Pre-Teens (Grades 2 through 6) break for lunch from 12:30 PM to 1:00 PM. The students bring their own lunch and are supervised by staff in a designated classroom to eat with
their group. The Teens & Young Adults (Grades 7 through 12) break for lunch from 12 to 12:30 PM. The Kids provide their own lunch and are supervised by staff.

The Teens & Young Adults are permitted to leave the building during lunch unless the parents submit a note expressing that the student should not be able to leave the building. The Teens &
Young Adults are also given access to a microwave and a place to sit in the building and may bring their lunch as well.

Q: How many students are in each class?

A: Classes are capped at 16, and the Kids & Pre-Teen program classes have a program aide in addition to their instructor.

Q: What is the typical experience level of students?

A: Our program is for the serious young actor and for those just beginning their training. We welcome all experience levels and tend to have a good mix of those who have been training for a
while and those that are just beginning.

Q: Will my child be with kids that are their same age?

A: Method Acting classes and electives are determined solely by grade level. The Kids Program is separated into three groups: Group A (Grades
2 and 3), Group B (Grade 4), Group C (Grade 5), and Group D (Grade 6). The Teens Program is for students in Grades 7-8, while the Young Adults Program is for students in Grades 9-12.

Students in groups A, B, C, & D will be with other actors who are in their same grade in their Method Acting classes. Students have elective choices in the afternoon, and the classes are designed to group students together close in age. The afternoon elective choices combines 2-4th grade; 5-6th grade; 7-8th grade; while the Young Adults Program is for students in Grades 9-12.

Q: Who teaches these classes?

A: All of the Young Actors at Strasberg Faculty are accomplished actors and teachers. Most have been teaching in the Young Actors program for years, and many have been teaching in the
program for decades. Many teach in the adult programs at the Institute, and several teach in the NYU Strasberg Studio program as well. To read more about each individual Faculty member,
please go to the NY Faculty page.

Q: How does my child apply for the program? And what else do we need to submit with the application? And may I email the materials?

A: You can find the application here. We only accept hard copies of the application and supporting materials. Please mail the application to ‘Young Actors at Strasberg; 115 East 15th
Street; New York, NY 10003 or drop off the application to the school in person. In addition to the application form, we also require a one photo, a personal statement (essay of 100 to 250 words
describing your goals in acting and why you wish to study as Strasberg), and a nonrefundable application fee of $50.

Q: When is my child’s application due?

A: We accept applications on a rolling basis, but completed applications must be submitted two weeks prior to the first day of a semester’s classes to be considered for that semester.

Q: My child is on the waitlist. What does that mean?

A: If your child was waitlisted for a specific semester, that means he or she was accepted to the program, but the class level is currently full. If a position opens, the first student on the waitlist will receive the spot.

Q: My child received his/her acceptance letter in the mail. What’s next?

A: Congratulations! With the acceptance letter, you will also receive a registration form and an enrollment packet. We recommend returning the paperwork and tuition payment quickly in order
to reserve your child’s place in the class.

Q: How should my child dress for class?

A: Your child should be dressed to move. Hair must be pulled back in a ponytail, and jeans should not be worn. Dresses and skirts can be okay as long as the child has leggings/tights and a leotard
on underneath. No attire should restrict the student’s movement.

Q: Does my child need to bring anything with him/her?

A: We recommend the child brings or wears socks if he or she has any type of movement class. The student should also bring lunch if enrolled in the Kids & Pre-Teens (Grade 2 through 6)
program. Teen & Young Adult students should either bring their lunch or bring money to get lunch.

Q: My child previously attended Young Actors at Strasberg, and I would like to sign him/her up for the next semester.

A: Please email for a registration form.

Q: My child took classes with Young Actors at Strasberg but took a few semesters off. Do they need to reapply?

A: No, your child does not need to reapply. Please email in order to re-enroll.